The Wine & Food Association will provide you on this website with some more background information related to its publications, trade fairs, events, tastings, competitions and other activities. The Wine & Food Association was founded 30 years ago. As consultant and publisher of various magazines, guides and other media, The Wine & Food Association focuses especially on wines, fine food, gastronomy, restaurants and hotels, but also on lifestyle and traveling. The largest and most exclusive wine and fine food trade fair in the Benelux, ‘Wine Professional’ with more than 10,000 professional and decision making visitors annually, is also initiated and organized by The Wine & Food Association since 2003. The Wine & Food Association also advises and experiments with wine making in Europe and various other continents around the globe.

The Wine & Food Association publishes articles on wine and food on its website

As producer, The Wine & Food Association organizes not only Wine Professional (January). There are during the entire year various different events, tastings and competitions such as the Diamond Awards (January) and the Proefschift Wijnconcours, Gastronomie-Fine Food Professional is combined with the presentation of the Proefschrift Restaurant Awards (October/November).

The competitions are supported by the most important restaurant associations in The Netherlands (G7): Alliance Gastronomique, Les Patrons Cuisiniers, Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe Nederland, Fine Eastern Restaurants, Selected Indonesian Restaurants en Châteaux et Résidences Gastronomiques.

The Wine & Food Association organizes both ‘own’ events but also works on request of for example national and regional governments, embassies, regions, consortia, trade delegations, marketing and public relations agencies, fairs, producers, importers etc.

With most of its relations The Wine & Food Association has long term partnerships. The network and activities are global with Europe, North- and South-America, Caribbean (St. Maarten), Middle East, Africa, Asia (China and Japan), Australia and New Zealand.

A powerful asset is both the use of the large internal network of The Wine & Food Association as well as the sites (,, and the digital newsletters. These are sent to 10.000+ members within our target group to promote activities and events.

As founder of The Wine & Food Association, Jan G.T. van Lissum received in 2012 the royal decoration ‘Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau’ from H.M. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands as recognition of his important role in the development of the wine business and improvement of the gastronomy in The Netherlands.